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72 Arrests So Far at Occupy Atlanta

There have been a total of 75 arrests at Occupy Atlanta over the course of the past few weeks. These arrests have been spread over three police encounters, two of which were particularly violent police raids on the camp.

50+ Arrested After Police Raid Occupy Atlanta

After several threats of eviction, Atlanta PD finally raided Occupy Atlanta at Woodruff Park. The raid took place at 1:00 AM on October 26. Originally, Mayor Kasim Reed had provided the Occupation with an executive order protecting their right to assemble, but earlier that day it had been revoked. Included in the 51 arrested was a GA state senator, Vincent Fort.

Second Round of Arrests at Occupy Atlanta

Twenty more protestors were arrested on Sunday, November 6, after they regrouped following the October 26 police raid.

5 More Arrested at Occupy Atlanta

In solidarity with November 5 Protests occuring all over the globe, 5 Occupy Atlanta protestors were arrested.


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Police Riot in Oakland and Raids in Albuquerque and Atlanta

Today started with a the police clashing with a peaceful protest in Oakland, where somewhere around 100 people were arrested. 82 total others, including a state senator,  were arrested as riot police raided peaceful occupations in Albuquerque and Atlanta.

Today’s total is: 182

The global total is: 2511

Police attacking protestors in Oakland, 2 AM 10/26

Police attacking protestors in Oakland, 2 AM 10/26

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