Occupations Under Siege

It’s been an extremely dangerous weekend for Occupations around the USA.

There were a total of 76 Occupy related arrests on Friday alone. 3 Protestors were arrested early Friday morning at Occupy Tampa for trespassing in the park Occupy Tampa has made their base of operations. A police raid on Occupy San Diego early Friday morning found 44 protestors arrested as the police in riot gear dismantled the camp. Police also raided Occupy Nashville, but the 46 arrested were released when a magistrate refused to acknowledge the right of the police to arrest demonstrators in a public place.

Occupy Tampa
Occupy San Diego
Occupy Nashville

A total of 89 demonstrators were arrested in several Occupy related clashes with police on Saturday. Police raided Occupy Rochester early Saturday, dismantling the camp and arresting 32 protestors after protestors refused to leave a park. Later that day, police violently clashed with over 500 protestors marching on downtown Denver. Police opened fire on the Occupy Denver protestors with pepper spray and rubber bullets, and many were injured. More than 20 were arrested, and another protestor was arrested at Occupy Tampa for trespassing. For a second night running, police raided Occupy Nashville, arresting 26 people. They were released again by the same magistrate without charges being filed.

Occupy Rochester
Occupy Denver
Occupy Nashville


A total of 81 protestors were arrested yesterday. Police clashed with Occupy Austin over a food table, and 36 protestors were arrested as protestors. There were 15 more arrests at Occupy Denver as police followed up the Saturday attack with a late night raid on the camp. 30 protestors were arrested at Occupy Portland for refusing to leave a park that morning as well.

Occupy Nashville
Occupy Denver
Occupy Portland

In total over 240 occupiers were arrested for exercising their 1st amendment rights. By the end of this past weekend 2963 protestors around the world have been arrested since Occupy Wall Street in Manhattan.


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