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(Un)Occupy Albuquerque Arrests

Occupy Albuquerque, stationed at Yale Park at the University of New Mexico, has experienced two different arrest encounters with the local police.

31 Arrested at UNM on October 24th

The first incident occurred as police moved on the occupation after their protest permit expired on October 24th. Police deployed pepper spray and 31 people were arrested.

37 Arrested after Protesters Re-Occupy

Several days later, the protesters appealed to the University administration to reinstate their protest permit.The administration refused, but the protesters reoccupied anyway. The UNM PD deployed more than 60 police cars to disperse the peaceful assembly.


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Police Riot in Oakland and Raids in Albuquerque and Atlanta

Today started with a the police clashing with a peaceful protest in Oakland, where somewhere around 100 people were arrested. 82 total others, including a state senator,  were arrested as riot police raided peaceful occupations in Albuquerque and Atlanta.

Today’s total is: 182

The global total is: 2511

Police attacking protestors in Oakland, 2 AM 10/26

Police attacking protestors in Oakland, 2 AM 10/26

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