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Dozens Arrested as Unions March with Occupy Wall Street Protestors


On Wednesday, October 5th, several unions turned out in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement in a collective march. Protestors were joined by the Communication Workers of America, the Transport Workers Union Local 100, the United Federation of Teachers, and 2 SEIU chapters. Nearly 15000 turned out for the march which brought lower Manhattan to a near standstill. As the march continued into the night, the NYPD response got more aggressive, with repeated baton-assaults, pepper-macing, and arrests. Nearly two dozen were arrested that night.

This was the third time Occupy protestors clashed with the police, and the number of arrests now totalled over 800. This was the third consecutive clash with police in New York over the Occupy movement.

The Daily News: Occupy Wall Street Arrests, Police Pepper Spray




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700 Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge

On October 1, 2011, about 700 protesters were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. Starting at Zucotti Park, what had started as a march throughout lower Manhattan grew to a crowd of thousands. Whether by police manipulation, crowd choice, or what may have been spontaneous events, the march found itself on the Brooklyn Bridge, where protestors faced off against the NYPD. Nearly haflway across the bridge, the officers pen in the crowd and began arresting hundreds of people. Those arrested where shipped of to precincts across Brooklyn, and it was days before they were all released.


This was the second time police clashed with the protestors., by this point about 780 people had been arrested.


Police Arrest 700 on Brooklyn Bridge-New York Times


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NYC Arrests as Protestors March Through Lower Manhattan

After nearly a week and a half of peaceful protests, the first arrests occurred as thousands of protestors marched through lower Manhattan on September 25th, 2011. This is the when the first reports of police brutality began as protestors were maced, tased, and assaulted. The accompanying video shows the now infamous video of NYPD Officer Anthony Bologna macing non-violent protestors. He was docked 10 vacation days as a disciplinary action for his brutality.

This was the first clash of many between Occupy protestors and an aggressive police force.

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